Our desire is to see men and women journey down the road of a living heart relationship with Jesus in a transformative way – one which does not require the rejection of their Creator-given social and cultural identity.

Traditionally, Native People did not talk about spirituality or faith, nor did they build complex theologies. They simply lived what they believed. It was expected that one would live in such a way as to acknowledge and honour their Creator. Theology was practice!
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In the 21st century, however, much has changed. Now we find we must speak to our own people of our faith in our Creator, of walking out life in a good way. We must share our understanding of the Word of our Creator in new ways. We need forums for dialogue and teaching in theology and biblical issues.

New approaches to concerns such as ethics and AIDS, lifestyle and family, community and commitment must be developed in authentically Native ways.

While our desire is to strengthen people of faith in Native communities, we understand that faith and community are interconnected. Sharing the Good News of Jesus is therefore an important outcome of our work. So is intercultural relationship. The work of NAIITS equips people to speak the Good News of Jesus to others – regardless of ethnicity, traditions, culture or language. We are committed to the historic message of Jesus as a contemporary one – necessary for today’s generation.

- Our context is informal and formal

- Our methods employ a wide range of disciplines

- Our studies embrace the traditionally academic, while observing the traditions and learning styles of Aboriginal people

- Our strength is in the learning dialogue, telling the story of what our Creator is doing among us

- Our prayer is to hear in our people, not just their words but also their heart